∫ᵗꝎꝓiȡ Thought﹩

Or: Posts from Rob Gryder

A lot of thoughts float through my mind in a given day. Almost all of them are Illinois-specific although I am constantly evaluating Illinois versus the world at-large. And although I consistently evaluate many things that Illinois should have, I seldom see any reason why we shouldn’t! 

A primary interest and focus is on digging up and dusting off its history. I’ve always been flummoxed by the vast amount of materials that are available regarding details in the history of states like Massachusetts & Virginia, obviously but also states whose Founders more than likely had to Pass Through Illinois on their way to places like Missouri, Oklahoma, and California! It’s nonsense rigmarole and I will no longer stand for it!

StOOpid.org is home to everything that I have on the internet and sometimes, I’ll create a page or pages for certain concepts. Feel free to snoop around and have a look at anything. Everything about StOOpid.org is summed up in that double-O: Organically Organized. I am trying to survive but I don’t need to be a rich man so if you want to contribute or have questions, email rob@StOOpid.org