Developing Stoopidity in Illinois

The goal of finding ourselves Stood Together, Organically, Organized to Provide Illinois Development is to modestly establish the Organization as a Nonprofit, with initial support from Rob Gryder’s Ⓔ𝔁𝔭ɇʳₑ𝕞еņṱỡŗiᶏλ.ist. But, wait. What is with THAT and all of the strange characters used for styling the stoopid.org domain as: ∫ᵗꝎꝓiȡ﹛ᵈ°ᵗ﹜Ꝋȓǥ?


The answer to which is explained by Glyphature.com, and I bemoan your lazy usage of a Question Mark when, in 2024, ordinary access to the Interrobang is a thing‽ 😜


Stay tuned, y’all!

-Guacamole Groove Rob Gryder

The dot above the only character of the ∫ᵗꝎꝓiȡ wordmark that is typeable on a QWERTY keyboard, the dot atop the lowercase Eye's bottom-right corner identifies the precise shape & location of Kendall County,within the state of Illinois, to scale.