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Eldemain Road: A Tapestry of Trails and Tales

[post-details] Ah, Eldemain Road! This storied strip of Kendall County isn’t just tarmac under tires; it’s a narrative etched in earth, a chronicle of characters as colorful as the autumn leaves that flurry its path each year. Legend whispers that Eldemain Road owes its name to a merry mingling of minds and mirth. In an […]

Eyes to Matrifocal Echoes

Eyes to Matrifocal Echoes Bold? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. “I’m Matrifocused AF!” transcends being merely a slogan; it’s a declaration of our deepest convictions. Eyes to Matrifocal Echoes: Unveiling a New Dawn with “I’m Matrifocused AF!” In a world bustling with the cacophony of digital chatter and the whirlwind of social change, there emerges a beacon […]

Indigenous Reach-Out Project

Indigenout Reach-Out (IR)  Through dedication, collaboration, and innovation, IR aims to ignite a global movement that redefines the relationship between humanity and the natural world, guided by the ancestral wisdom that has nurtured it since time immemorial. Project Brief  Introduction StOOpid.org, in a groundbreaking move, has initiated the Indigenous Reach-Out (IR) project, aiming to blend […]

WGN.News Masterplanned Project Brief

WGN.News Masterplanned Project Brief Vision: Transform WGN.News into a leading digital news platform, harnessing the prestige of WGN TV & Radio’s legacy to offer unparalleled news coverage tailored for the Illinois community and beyond. Mission: Leverage the WGN.News URL to build a credible, engaging, and comprehensive news outlet, focusing on local news, in-depth analysis, and […]

FoxValley.News Project Brief

FoxValley.News Project Brief Objective: To establish FoxValley.News as a competitive digital news outlet in the Fox Valley area, focusing on engaging local audiences with unique, relevant content and a robust digital presence. Comparative Analysis: Research and evaluate Aurora Valley Times and WSPYNews.com to understand their content formats, audience engagement strategies, and social media utilization. Identify […]

Pasta Ailex’ Spoken Word – A Day At The Races

Pasta Ailex’ Spoken Word A Day At The Races As heard on Soundcloud With overwhelmingly joyous accreditation to Songwriters Dante Givens, David Axelrod, Lucas Macfadden, Marc Stuart, Charles Stewart, Antonio Hardy, John Simon, Courtenay Henderson, and Mark Potsic, The StOOpid Spoken Word Band presents Jurassic 5’s, A Day at the Races. Welcome to this little […]


Project:NostalGscots Project Objectives: Resurrecting and Repurposing Abandoned Mascots for Nostalgic and Good-Natured Purposes Executive Summary: Our project aims to capitalize on the growing demand for nostalgic and good-natured experiences by resurrecting and repurposing abandoned commercial mascots. Through thorough research, we have identified a robust list of such mascots and believe that reviving them can create […]

Filling In Bone Gap, Illinois

Filling In Bone Gap, Illinois Filling In Bone Gap, Illinois is an ongoing project for enriching internet-accessible resources with regard to Bone Gap History & Culture. Contributions are welcomed via email, for users that are signed up for our    The town of Bone Gap in Edwards County has a rich history that dates back […]

Branding Guide JSON

Official StOOpid.org Logomark & Branding Guide JSON JSON-ified understanding of StOOpid.org Branding Standards and of particular note, including the Standardized StOOpid.org Color Palette. { “$schema”: “http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#”, “title”: “StOOpid.org Logomark & Branding Guide”, { “logomark”: { “text”: “StOOpid.org”, “style”: “Googie-inspired”, “colorScheme”: { “yellow”: { “color”: “#F7EA12”, “description”: “Vibrant yellow used for the uppercase ‘S’ and ‘O’ […]