14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus

14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus is an initiative under the umbrella of StOOpid.org, founded by Rob Gryder. This initiative is aimed at reimagining community development and civic engagement within Illinois’ 14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus Congressional District through innovative and dynamic approaches. It distinguishes itself from the public service trajectory of Rob’s brother, Scott Gryder, the 2022 GOP Nominee for the same district. The phrase ’14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus’ embodies Rob Gryder’s ambition to push ideas out into the world with a focus on organizing, coordinating, and following through to enact impactful changes within the district. This initiative places a special emphasis on setting specific efforts apart from those pursued publicly by Scott Gryder, thus creating a unique path for private involvement while leaving the door open for public collaboration.

The 14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus initiative focuses on several key areas, including community improvement, environmental stewardship, preservation of native Riparian Ecosystems, and opposition to the pipeline project to supply Kendall County with freshwater from Lake Michigan. Its primary concern revolves around these environmental and community-focused projects, with a notable objective being the pursuit of the soon-to-be vacated Yorkville Public Works Equipment Shed for use by DigTownVolleyball.com, illustrating a commitment to providing tangible benefits to the community.

Rob Gryder’s vision for 14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus is deeply rooted in his and his family’s legacy of community service and environmental advocacy, highlighting a distinct approach to fostering community engagement and development within the 14ᵗʰ Congressional District of Illinois. As of March, 2024, StOOpid is puttng out a Save the Date Slogan: Find the time to Dine‽ Mark November Nine? You’ll sooner suffer than miss Scott Gryder’s Horseshoe Supper! 

This code snippet is from StOOpid’s Open Source PELID (Precise & Enligxtened Language in Illinoiseque Dialogue) JSON Project.

Facts & Resources

7 Counties in IL 14ᵗʰ Congressional District:

  • DeKalb County (Partial – southern half)
  • Kane County (Partial)
  • Kendall County (Entirely)
  • Bureau County (Partial)
  • LaSalle County (Entirely)
  • Putnam County (Partial)
  • Will County (Partial)


118 Towns in IL 14ᵗʰ:

  • Afton Center, Ament Corners, Arlington, Baker, Big Rock, Blakes, Boulder Hill, Bristol, Bureau, Catharine, Caton Farm, Cedar Point, Central, Channahon, Cherry, Churchill, Clarion, Coal Hollow, Cortland, Crystal Lawns, Dalzell, Danway, Dayton, DeKalb, Depue, Dimmick, Drummond, Earlville, Edgebrook Mobile Home Park, Elva, Elwood, Fitchmoor, Five Points, Florid, Fox, Franks, Granville, Harding, Helmar, Hennepin, Hicks Corners, Hinckley, Hollowayville, Jonesville, Kentland, Knob Hill, La Salle, Ladd, Leland, Lily Cache, Lisbon, Lisbon Center, Little Rock, Malden, Malta, Mark, Marquette, Marseilles, McGirr, Mendota, Meriden, Millbrook, Millhurst, Millington, Millsdale, Minooka, Montgomery, Moronts, Naplate, Newark, Normantown, Northville, Norway, Oglesby, Oswego, Ottawa, Ottville, Pavillion, Peru, Peterstown, Plainfield, Plano, Plattville, Prairie Center, Rock Run Park, Rollo, Romeoville, Sandwich, Seatonville, Seneca, Serena, Shabbona, Shabbona Grove, Sheridan, Shorewood, Somonauk, Spring Valley, Standard, Stavanger, Stoneyville, Sugar Grove, Sulphur Springs, Sycamore, Tamarack, Tomahawk Bluff, Triumph, Troy Grove, Utica, Waltham, Waterman, Webster Park, Wedron, Welland, Wendel, Wilkinson, Wolfs, Yorkville, Zearing


54 Townships in IL 14ᵗʰ:

  • Alden, Antioch, Batavia, Big Grove, Big Rock, Blackberry, Bristol, Burlington, Burton, Campton, Chemung, Coral, Cortland, Dorr, Dunham, Fox, Fremont, Geneva, Grafton, Greenwood, Hampshire, Hartland, Hebron, Kaneville, Kendall, Lake Villa, Lisbon, Little Rock,Marengo,McHenry, Na-Au-Say, Newport, Nunda, Oswego, Pierce, Plainfield, Plato, Richmond, Riley, Rutland, Sandwich, Seneca (half of Seneca), Seward, Somonauk,Squaw Grove, St. Charles, Sugar Grove, Sycamore, Troy, Virgil, Warren, Wauconda, Wheatland, Winfield