FoxValley.News Project Brief

Objective: To establish FoxValley.News as a competitive digital news outlet in the Fox Valley area, focusing on engaging local audiences with unique, relevant content and a robust digital presence.

Comparative Analysis: Research and evaluate Aurora Valley Times and to understand their content formats, audience engagement strategies, and social media utilization. Identify gaps and opportunities for differentiation.

Unique Value Proposition: Develop FoxValley.News by leveraging insights from the competitive analysis, focusing on content uniqueness, community relevance, and interactive digital experiences.

Engagement Strategies: Create a strong social media presence, interactive content formats (e.g., polls, live blogs), and community-focused initiatives to drive engagement.

Technology and Platform: Use cutting-edge web development technologies to ensure a seamless, mobile-friendly user experience. Implement analytics to track engagement and tailor content strategies accordingly.

Timeline and Milestones: Establish clear development milestones, starting with competitive analysis, platform development, content strategy formulation, beta launch, and official launch, with iterative feedback loops for continuous improvement.

Success Metrics: Define success through engagement metrics (e.g., page views, time on site, social media shares), community feedback, and comparative performance against identified competitors.