14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus

14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus 14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus is an initiative under the umbrella of StOOpid.org, founded by Rob Gryder. This initiative is aimed at reimagining community development and civic engagement within Illinois’ 14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus Congressional District through innovative and dynamic approaches. It distinguishes itself from the public service trajectory of Rob’s brother, Scott Gryder, the […]

StOOpid.org Wordmark Guide

Generated via DALL-E Version 2 in February of 2023, these glyphs would serve as my guide to develop the StOOpid.org Looks-Like Model derived from Googie Architectural Styling. After DALL-E Version 2 generated the previous image, containing a variety of Googie Styled Glyphs, I excitedly cropped out the various shapes and played around with the coloring […]